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. they went down to atlanta. i washed part of that game and i watched, atlanta was leading the 49ers. i thought, back to san francisco with tail between their legs. the 49ers pulled it off here from dial global's death days. what was it? >> sin. they have sinned. the final call. throw down the middle julio jones, that's your ball game. >> that's san fran 6 co 49ers are the nfc championships. they get it done. har because harbaugh's second year at college. they shut out atlanta in the second half. >> there it is. >> back to the super bowl for the first time since 1995. >> peter: everybody wants to talk about what a great team atlanta had this season. you know, it doesn't add up to squat when you cannot finish. they nearly threw away their game last week against the sea seahawks >> bill: yes. >> peter: they had that game locked up. >> bill: that was jim harbaugh. his brother, john, did the same job for the ravens. i know even friends of mine who live in baltimore who say, "bal'more. we had friends over for a little dinner party saturday night. two of th
green bay 45-31. atlanta seattle beating after blowing a 20-point lead and new england over houston. next weekend new england and baltimore and san franl cisco and atlanta. the winners of those goes to the super super bowl. >> does anybody think the ravens have a chance? >> i didn't think they had a shot against denver. >> right. >> i think they have a better shot to beat new england. they have beaten new england before. this is a rivalry. this is a real legit football rivalry. they have gotten them before. >> as a hustonian, i am tired of huston losing. i am so tired of this. it doesn't matter. >> they got smokedouston losing. i am so tired of this. it doesn't matter. >> they got smoked. >> lance armstrong is sitting down with oprah. >> speaking of losers. >> we learned over the weekend he will make a quote limited confession about doping. >> gosh. >> armstrong has long denied while cycling but sent a press message and said i told oprah to go wherever she wants and i will answer directly, candidly and honestly. >> it seems to be staged ahead of ti
in atlanta. hey, dr. jhung, thank you for your time this morning. >> my pleasure. >> bill: how bad is it? >> we're seeing a lot of influenza activity, more than we typically do for this time of the year. does that mean we're having an early season? yes. does it mean we're having a worse season than previously years? we don't know yet. this could all peter out over the next couple weeks to months and we could end up having a pretty typical season. >> bill: is it epidemic status? >> let me tell you what we use the word epidemic for. epidemic just means a lot of disease in an area. so we get epidemics of flu every year. technically. it is an ep epidemic. we prefer to call it the influenza season and this is what we see every year this time of the year. this year, it is a little bit earlier than we normally see it. and we're still continuing to see pretty high levels of activity. >> bill: is this a regional -- what is the geographic distribution that you're finding? >> we're seeing the flu everywhere. there's one area of the country in the west, maybe southwest that is seeing perhaps a littl
of the northeast who needed help from hurricane sandy. one more here. mary is calling from atlanta georgia. what do you say? good morning. >> caller: good morning, bill. >> bill: hi, what's up. >> caller: your previous caller, arthur, mostly had it nailed. my take was that i don't think boehner could have gotten the expenditure through without some form of offset. i think he had a feeling or fear that the tea party is in the house -- the tea partiers in the house would have voted against it and therefore it would have had democratic support and maybe some republican support and he would not have looked good. >> bill: yeah. that could be. there's certainly some tea partiers saying two things. first that they didn't think there was sufficient -- they hadn't seen sufficient evidence that these people needed help. i don't know what planet they've been living on. the second point you make is we may give this money but only if we can cut the same amount of money somewhere else like out of medicare or social security. which th
of like the 9ers to win in atlanta. i know the falcons are playing really well, but i kind of like the way the 9ers are working right now. i think kapernick is a tough quarterback to stop. >> right. all right. going to be a good weekend. cindy thanks so much. love your work. >> thanks, thanks. >> all right. thank you. cindy boren, early blogger for the washington post. she really knows her stuff. >> she does. >> this is "the bill press show." >> only on current tv. now? you know the kind of guys who do like verse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. >> she gets the comedians laughing... >> that's hilarious! >> ...and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there's wiggle-room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> you would rather deal with ahmadinejad then me. >> absolutely! >> and so would mitt romeny. >> she's joy behar. >> and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? >> only on current tv. this monday morning current tv presents special coverage of the presidential inaug
this is the time to fix it cj from down in atlanta. c cj, what do you say? >> i think this is about the gun lobby. anything. he does have an a rating. as soon as anybody proposed anything on gun legislation, harry reid was already undermining it. the filibuster is going to protect him. >> yes. going to protect all of the house members who are going to vote against anything that's reasonable, anything that has any teeth at all. and this is, i am, when the gun issue came up, this was what was going to protect him. if he changed it, he would have left himself out there and he would have been punished by the gun lobby. now, he won't be. it's that simple. >> we will never have such a great opportunity. when you look for motivation, that's as good an explanation, c cj as any, that this is an issue. you know, look, we know where harry reid stands on the gun issue, which is fine. i disagree with him on that, but if he wants to vote that way but the point is, allow a vote. right? don't let the republicans use of filibuster to block every single thing from coming up to a vot
against denver green bay against san fran civiling 0 and seattle facing off against atlanta. >> let it be said that i was perfect in my weekend play-off predictions. >> you were. >> i was perfect. i was the only one perfect. >> i was 2 for 4. >> i was for the redskins. >> i was rooting for them but i knew they wouldn't win. they are not winners. >> hey, i wouldn't say that. >> put that coffee down. coffee is foreclosers. we will closers. we will? >> the ravens looked great. >> the republican senator who was stopped for drunk driving over the holidays pled guilty in court, mike crepo from ohio began an apology tour saying he has been drinking alcohol several times a week even though he is a mormon. he has lost his driver's license for a year. >> really? apology tore? >> that's -- tour? >> that's what they are calling. >> what stops is he making? >> the chili's bar and grill, ruby tuesdays. >> tune-in. >> all over. the national society of film critics is out with its election for best picture of 2012, michael haniky's ammore. it won cann film festival. be
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7